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Date: 8/16/12 10:47 AM
Author: mircea.toma
Message: ICE-8470 Introduced ice.cancelEnterKeyEvent public function that use by InputTextRenderer to cancel the keypress events in ICEfaces3. This is a follow up fix for ICE-8240, unlike ICEfaces 1.8 the event functions are publicly exposed hence the JS error seen previously.
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Modified /icefaces3/branches/icefaces-3.0.x-maintenance/icefaces/compat/components/src/main/java/com/icesoft/faces/component/ext/renderkit/
Modified /icefaces3/branches/icefaces-3.0.x-maintenance/icefaces/compat/core/build.javascript.xml
Modified /icefaces3/branches/icefaces-3.0.x-maintenance/icefaces/compat/core/src/main/javascript/compat.js

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