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Date: 9/6/11 12:20 PM
Author: carlo.guglielmin
Message: Modified Grails project slightly to build easier. Now the ICEpush plugin is manually included, although it needs a newer jar added manually to the war later. Also stopped the config from using native2ascii since it was throwing errors. Also added the icechat API to stop compile errors since it wasn't properly pulled from the api/ folder.
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Modified /projects/icepush-integrations/trunk/icepush-integrations/samples/icechat/grails/grails-app/conf/Config.groovy
Added /projects/icepush-integrations/trunk/icepush-integrations/samples/icechat/grails/lib/icechat-api.jar
Added /projects/icepush-integrations/trunk/icepush-integrations/samples/icechat/grails/lib/

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