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ICEfaces-2.0 Maven2 Support
If this is a source distribution, you will NEED to build the jars first so they are residing in the
lib directories of their respective folders!!!
The following utilities are provided:
1) In /maven2 an ant script is provided with the poms for the jars to install to whatever local repository you have specified in file (edit build. properties and set the location of the local repository you would like to install to).
2) ant target "get-maven" will copy off the internet (make sure you have internet access) the required jar to run maven from ant, to icefaces/lib
10  3) ant target "install" will install icefaces-push, icefaces, icefaces-compat and icefaces-ace jar and poms to your local repository.
12  This really isn't necessary if you can use the snapshot repository at
14  Once the release has been made, it will take a day or so for the proper entries to be accessed.
17  NOTE: The instructions above assume that you have previously installed maven2.
19  Each example has it's own build pom and you can run >mvn clean package to create 2 different profiles
20  See which one in the pom is the default. (either Tomcat6 or Glassfishv3 for now-->really just builds with
21  jsf2 jars (tomcat) or without (glassfish).
22  You could also use the mvn command line (or your IDE) to install for example in command-line from this directory:-
23  > mvn install:install-file -Dfile=../lib/icefaces.jar -DpomFile=icefaces.pom
25  ...or >mvn clean package -Ptomcat6
26  (which runs the correct profile for a server which doesn't already contain the jsf jars).

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